Transform your returns into exchanges and new sales

Returns management platform providing smart alternatives to returns, maximizing exchanges, new sales and sustainable logistics backed by proprietary AI and over 200.000 drop-off points.

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Brands that rely on us

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What benefits can we provide?

Revenue retained

Possibility of buying the whole range in the returns process.

Integration of alternative refund methods (Customer loyalty programs, credit at shop, proprietary wallet).

100% all-channel solution to reinforce online and hands-on purchases

End user satisfaction

We improve your customers’ experience.

We facilitate independent management of changes and returns.

Instant refunds or at the drop-off point.

Operating cost

We optimize the pick-up process, making it cheaper and more environment-friendly.

We automate procedures, enabling time and cost savings.

We invest in technology adapted to each brand.


We reduce the average call center handling time and associated costs.

Automated label generation and refunds.

We provide for carrier mistakes and generate real-time solutions

Reduction of carbon footprint caused by returns

We boost the use of our network of over 200,000 drop-off points.

We provide incentives for going to shops through our all-channel solution.

We connect and measure carriers with environment-friendly solutions

of New sales generated

Integration of production recommendation models via advanced analytics.

Generation of workflows that optimize decisions in the customer's purchase/returns journey.

Connection with customer loyalty and direct marketing programs to boost new sales in every contact with customer.


Customized returns portal

Fully adapted to your brand. Digitized and in just 3 clicks.

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Optimization and logistics control platform

Control of the status of changes and returns in real time: pick-up status, refunds, issues, decisions by your customers, etc.

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AI platform for value recovery

Creation of value after returns using technology to optimize those returns, aligning customer interest (experience) with that of the brand and the planet.

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Automatic connection to any eCommerce platform, ERP, WMS and more than 50 carriers in Euro

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We want to recover the maximum value from each return for customers, brands and the planet

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